By Angela Meadows, City Year Milwaukee, Impact Coach

Five years ago, I proudly served on the Rockwell Automation Team at Rogers Street Academy.  This was my first experience truly working on a team and having to rely on others to accomplish incredibly important tasks.  During my first year, I saw a group of my peers come together to put students first.  For example, we used our unique strengths to plan a comprehensive Literacy night that allowed students and parents alike to travel “around the world” and learn about the importance of literacy. 

Four years ago, I humbly served as a Senior AmeriCorps Member and Team Leader at Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science.  Using what I had learned while at Rogers, I did my best to support my team in putting scholars (as we call our students at Carver) first.  Whether that was through learning the names of scholars in our classes, creating session plans together that focused on the needs of scholars, or greeting scholars at the end of the day as they boarded the bus, my team showed me how much good can happen when adults truly put young people first and collaborate in an intentional way. 

Three years ago, I was hired as City Year Milwaukee staff member to be an Impact Manager at Carver Academy.  In this new role, I was able to collaborate more with community partners involved at Carver.  I learned how other organizations function and how we at City Year fit into the larger mission of what is happening at Carver.  More importantly, though, I had the privilege of seeing two years of unique teams embody the value of Students First, Collaboration Always.  My first team showed me what it looks like to put scholars first.  In the span of three weeks, our schools lost two scholars through acts of violence.  These traumatic events brought my team closer together and reignited our passion for serving the young people of Carver.  Through deep conversations, laughs, tears, and so many hugs, my team showed Carver scholars that they were valued and that their lives mattered. 

Two years ago, I continued serving at Carver as the Impact Manager and saw another team embody Students First, Collaboration Always.  During basketball season, my team worked together to ensure at least one member was at every game.  Throughout the year, the team shared stories about scholars that helped them remain motivated through their service.  Scholars knew that they could go to any City Year and he or she would be a listening ear.  This was a result of the team building relationships and collaborating with one another to be the best team they could be for their scholars. 

This year, I take on a new role as an Impact Coach.  I am so excited because it will allow me to collaborate with and support AmeriCorps members as they put their students first.    

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