We asked this year’s AmeriCorps members to help us better inform potential applicants and the incoming corps about their service year experience with City Year. We hope you use this a resource guide to ask questions, find out more about the opportunity to serve, and to prepare for your experience.


After being accepted, what were the best resources to help you prepare for starting City Year?

“City Year websites and blogs, senior corps and staff, admitted members Facebook pages, Basic Training Academy (month-long training program at the start of City Year).”

“Michael Harper (Northeast Admissions Manager)”

“The best resource I had to help prepare myself for City Year was the contacts I got through one of my teachers who were City Year alum.”

“Reading City Year blog posts, attending online orientations, joining and following City Year social media.”

“Support from my friends.”

“The City Year website.”

“Talking with other confirmed corps members and City Year alumni.”

“Being here those first few weeks and getting all the information firsthand and being able to ask questions in real time.”


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