We asked this year’s AmeriCorps members to help us better inform potential applicants and the incoming corps about their service year experience with City Year. We hope you use this a resource guide to ask questions, find out more about the opportunity to serve, and to prepare for your experience.


What is your favorite thing about Manchester, NH?

“Great location in New England--very close to many different locations, great size of city (not too big and not too small), city diversity.”

“My favorite thing about Manchester is the kids!”

“Manchester is a perfect microcosm of the United States. It's extremely diverse ethnically--about in proportion to the country--and its neighborhoods are integrated. That's a beautiful, beautiful thing. It's also a swing state with robust political debate; all ideologies have a voice here. It also reflects the country as a whole economically. It has a bad industrial hangover, but is recovering with a strong technology focus, and we're continuing to push ahead by teaching robotics. Finally, it's small enough that we can make a very real impact here. Being in 70 classrooms, we can really transform this City in a few generations.”

“Close to so many different road trip destinations (Portsmouth, Boston, White Mountains, Burlington, Canada!)”

“The programs they have for students in all grade levels.”

“The restaurants on Elm Street.”

“The fall!!!! The changing of the leaves are the best!!! And CYNH staff, they were so welcoming!”

“The slow pace of life - I never feel like everyone is in a rush when walking or driving down the streets.”


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