We asked this year’s AmeriCorps members to help us better inform potential applicants and the incoming corps about their service year experience with City Year. We hope you use this a resource guide to ask questions, find out more about the opportunity to serve, and to prepare for your experience.


When applying to City Year, I wish I would have known __________

“That it really would be a ten hour day, every day, but that it would be super rewarding and fun!”

“That City Year mixes political messages into its trainings.”

“I wish I would have known that only some sites are in middle and high schools.”

“What the City Year values are, and how strong the culture and norms are that encourage practicing those values. City Year transformed so many of my behaviors and mindset positively because of its focus on values.”

“The cultures of different sites. My recruiter was not knowledgeable about other sites.”

“That City Year had PT (physical training) and a lot of chants.”

“How important the team aspect is: support, friendship, planning, personal growth.”

“That everyday would be a 10 hour day and that although this is an education based program now, all the service ideas are more prominent than it would seem. This is sort of like a fraternity in that there is a clear distinction of who is on what level in the hierarchy. Also there more of a need to have business and organization skills. Getting those 900 minutes per child is an achievable goal but if it is achieved there is no guarantee that it actually helped or affected that child.”

“I wish I knew what a day in the life of a corps member would be like.  I had no idea what the day-to-day schedule would be when I applied, and I only figured it out a couple of months ago.”


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