By Annie Monro, AmeriCorps Member, Lincoln Financial and TJX Companies Supported Team,
Serving at Gossler Park Elementary School

Once a month at Gossler Park Elementary the entire school comes together for an event know as the Gator Gathering. What is a Gator Gathering you may ask? It is a school wide pep rally in which students from each class are recognized with the Gator Pride Award for their hard work. Teachers choose a student from their class that they think has shown tremendous growth or effort during the month. The gator gathering for March was an especially exciting one for me. I am the City Year corps member for all three third grade classes at Gossler Park and it was the third grade’s responsibility to plan and run the month’s Gator Gathering. 

This month’s Gator Gathering began with the presentation of some Gator Pride Awards. It is always fun to watch the reactions of excitement from both the students receiving the award and their classmates. Then the entire third grade recited a short passage from the poem Chicken Soup With Rice by Carol King. Following this, some more Gator Pride Awards were presented and then the entire third grade performed a jig to the tune of the Irish Washerwoman. I would have to say this was my favorite part of this month’s Gator Gathering. Each third grade class had been working hard to learn the jig with the school’s music teacher. It was fun to watch all of their hard work pay off with a fantastic performance. Some other highlights from this month’s Gator Gathering included a school wide game of chi master led by the P.E. teacher, a talent show preview, and baby photo guessing game with baby photos of teachers and staff members. 

Students left the event feeling energized and ready for more learning. Overall I would say that the Gator Gathering was a success and I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

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