By Max Mays, AmeriCorps Member, Heinemann and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Supported Team,
Serving at Henry Wilson Elementary School

City Year is a learning experience for all those involved. My students would be surprised to know that I am often learning as much from them, as they are from me. Upon arriving at City Year, I expected to be learning mostly about the field of education. Although this is partially true, I have also been exposed to spades of information that will prepare me for leadership after City Year.

I have only been a City Year Corps Member for three months, but I already feel exponentially more prepared for whatever career path I choose to follow when my year ends. One great opportunity that each Corps Member is afforded is the chance to undertake a team coordinator role. These roles cover a wide range of disciplines including literacy, math, attendance, behavior, after-school, and communication. As a marketing communication coordinator for the Henry Wilson Elementary School team, I write blog posts and engage people on social media. This position has been enlightening. I now fully understand and appreciate the impact that branding and messaging can have on an organization. This knowledge will have great utility as I pursue future careers.

City Year also instills a sense of professionalism within its Corps Members that will prove important for future leadership. Corps members are given immense responsibility by being placed in a classroom. The demanding schedule and significance of our work has certainly proved taxing. However, I know that overcoming the inherent challenges of this job will greatly strengthen my peers and myself. City Year also sets high expectations by stressing the importance of punctuality and a uniform. Each morning, Corps Members participate in a “readiness check” to ensure that everyone has the necessary uniform and mentality to perform at a high level. All of these factors will enable Corps Members to succeed this year, and for many more to come.

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