Jeri and John were early supporters of our work to launch efforts to help homeless students in the Seacoast area. When our operations moved to Manchester to address the concentrated need of students at-risk of dropping out of high school – they not only continued to provide support, but increased their investment significantly to allow the opportunity for us to build our capacity and make it possible for us to begin our expansion process. Over the years they have taken the time to get to know our staff and corps members. They have hosted many dinners and conversations for our team in their home and even provided them with Jeri’s home-cooked meals. Jeri and John truly are visionary investors who are committed to our long term success. They fundamentally believe in the quality of our work and the potential of our future-to effectively make kid lives stronger and more possible. 

Both John & Jeri were born in Boston. They both attended college in Chestnut Hill; Jeri at Cardinal Cushing College and John at Boston College. Jeri was a teaching fellow at Indiana University, and later was a French teacher at elementary schools in Northampton, MA. During Jeri’s tenure there, she became a Master teacher for aspiring teachers from Smith College. Jeri continued volunteer teaching into her retirement years. John worked for the NSA for a number of years, and then in 1975, established, along with a dear friend, a computer software development company in MN. He remained with his company until his retirement.

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