By The Gossler Park Elementary School Team supported by Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Lincoln Financial
(pictured above at their Fall Family Literacy Night, from left to right: Nick Lucchesi, Nina Santiago (Service Leader), Julia Lorentsen (Impact Manager), Jackie Trexler, Ben Resek, Alliy Schrader, Tatiyana Murray, Tonya Andrews)

The Gossler Park Team has been very busy these past four months! Here are our perspectives on what our service has come to mean to us thus far.

Alliy Schrader, 5th grade:

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I applied and accepted my role at City Year, but now I can't imagine my life being any other way. I have grown so much as an individual, have seen my kids grow, and get to make people smile everyday! There are times when it's hard to get out of bed, but these kids are worth it."

Nick Lucchesi, 5th grade:

"The last four months have been difficult, rewarding, frustrating, and fulfilling. I feel very grateful and privileged to do this kind of work and have this meaningful learning experience. Working with the students in the classroom and with my team at Gossler Park Elementary School has been such a joy and it's hard to think of a day that had nothing to look back on with a smile."

Ben Resek, 4th grade:

"I don't think I have ever before experienced days where I feel such a breadth of emotions. I will go from feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, to smiling and laughing so much my cheeks hurt."

Nina Santiago, 4th grade, Service Leader:

"In my past four months of service I realized I loved my City Year experience so much that I came back for a second year. It is 100% worth it the second time around. The school culture is very different and I really enjoy every minute of it. It also helps that my team is beyond talented and we work well together!"

Jackie Trexler, 4th grade:

"If I were to use one word to describe my past four months of service with City Year, it would be ‘rewarding.’ Never before have I felt so motivated to go to work every day, to light up kids' faces, to work on a team of incredible individuals, and to keep motivating others to be excellent. I wouldn't trade these months, as trying and tiring as they were, for anything, and I look forward to what the rest of my time with City Year has to offer!"

Tatiyana Murray, 3rd grade:

"In my past four months of service I have done things I'd never imagine I'd ever do. I've never been part of something so rewarding not only for myself, but for my peers, kids, teammates, and all those surrounding me. It's a beautiful feeling to mold the future into leaders and peacemakers."

Tonya Andrews, 3rd grade:

"In these past four months I have learned a tremendous amount about myself, my students, and my career path. Working alongside my partner teacher, I am reminded every day why I serve and why I want to be a teacher. Last week a student told me I was his favorite teacher and I couldn't have asked for more."

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