A third of all students in New York’s public schools will drop out. The consequences for our community are real: Students who drop out are eight times more likely to become incarcerated and three times more likely to be unemployed. When a student drops out of school it has a lasting effect on our communities and society as a whole.

Students who drop out earn roughly $1 million less than high school graduates. Furthermore, out-of-school, out-of-work youths collectively cost Americans about $1.6 trillion in increased social services and lost earnings and taxes over the course of their lifetimes.

But there is a solution. City Year helps close the gap between what students need to succeed and what schools are designed to provide by placing near-peer mentors in New York’s most under-served schools to address specific areas that lead to students dropping out.

Here’s what we do to help students stay on track to graduate:

Attendance monitoring and engagement: Roadblocks, like lack of transportation and family challenges, make it hard for some students to get to school. That’s why we keep an eye on attendance. This involves everything from talking with students about their challenges to simple gestures such as greeting them on their way into school.  And when they aren’t there on time, we’ll make phone calls home.

Socio-Emotional support: We act as role models both through example and positive coaching. If students are having a hard time, we pull them aside and address their concerns, transforming their experience into a positive one.

Support in math and English: We also work closely with teachers to identify learning gaps and help differentiate instruction for students who need it most through one-on-one tutoring. We also create after school programs that help students succeed in math and English to stay on track and graduate with their peers.

Whole School Initiative


2014 - 2015 School Partners


1. PS 48 Joseph R. Drake School

2. PS 75 School

3. MS 302 Luisa Dessus Cruz School

4. PS 130 Abram Stevens Hewitt School

5. PS 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt School

6. IS 123 James M. Kieran Schoolso

7. CIS 303 Leadership & Community Service School*so

8. PS 55 Benjamin Franklin School*

9. 324X Bronx Early College Academy*so  


10. Newtown High SchoolDN 

11. PS 112 Dutch Kills School

12. IS 204 Oliver W. Holmes School 

13. PS 171 Peter G. Van Alst School

14. IS 126 Albert Shanker School for Visual and Performing Arts


15. Isaac Newton Middle School

16. PS/MS 57 James Weldon Johnson School

17. PS 83 Luis Munoz Rivera School

18. PS 96 Joseph Lanzetta School

19. PS/MS 206 Jose Celso Barbosa Schoolso


20. PS 345 Patrolman Robert Bolden School

21. PS 149 Danny Kaye School

22. JHS 218 James P. Sinnott Middle School*

23. MS 126 John Ericsson SchoolDN

24. PS 158 Warwick School*

*new school partner for the 2014 – 2015 school year
soSONYC Partnership
DN Diplomas Now Partnership

Schools Out New York City Participant
Through Schools Out New York City (SONYC) City Year New York is operating intensive afterschool programs in one East Harlem and three South Bronx middle schools. SONYC is an initiative led by the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development and New York City Department of Education that expands opportunities for middle school students to receive enrichment and academic activities in the afterschool time.

For more information, please visit SONYC

Diplomas Now Participant
City Year New York is part of an innovative program to improve our nation’s most challenged schools. Diplomas Now identifies students at risk for dropping out and sets personalized goals to help them graduate. We also connect the most disadvantaged students with counseling, housing, and health care.

For more information, please visit Diplomas Now

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