Below are commonly asked questions about various City Year New York policies and practices. These will be reviewed in greater detail during orientation and training. This is not a comprehensive list of City Year policies and practices, but rather the topics of most interest and relevance to incoming members.

Attendance and Vacation
Registration Days
School Assignments
City Year Uniform

What are City Year’s attendance and vacation policies?

Consistent and reliable attendance is essential for performing excellent service. Your students, teachers, and community are counting on your support each day. AmeriCorps also requires members to serve at least 1,700 hours to earn an education award, which is no simple task. Our attendance and vacation policies are in place to ensure we are fulfilling our commitments to the community, members meet the hours necessary for graduation, and members have time off to attend to personal and professional matters.

At in-person registration, you will receive a calendar of City Year New York's vacation schedule: the days that the entire New York corps is off. Days off are typically when schools are closed, but not all school holidays are days off for the corps.

Please note you will be in service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, a national day of service for City Year across the country. You will also be in service during New York's Public Schools’ breaks in February and April.

The following is City Year’s attendance policy as taken from the AmeriCorps Member Service Agreement:

  • Additionally, members may request up to 12 personal days; those members who begin serving mid-year may request up to 6 personal days. Personal days can be used for illnesses, doctor’s appointments, childcare emergencies, bereavement, academic or career visits/interviews, or to observe a specific ethnic, religious or cultural holiday not officially celebrated by the program.
  • Members who are parents or primary legal caregivers for an adult (and submit documented proof of that status) are allowed 2 additional days in each half of the program year. Members must sign an agreement to make up missed hours for these additional days.
  • Maximum allowable personal days are based on the number of service days available during the Program year and the average number of days needed for a member to complete the minimum number of hours required for AmeriCorps. Exceeding allotted personal days will result in dismissal from the program.

Personal days must be approved, in advance, by the members’ supervisor.

What are registration days? Are they required?

You must attend an in-person registration session at City Year New York’s office in Chelsea. In person, you will complete the payroll onboarding process, get an overview of the first week of service, and will have access to staff to ask any outstanding questions. Members must complete the registration process before beginning service.

  • Monday 7/22 
  • Friday 7/26 
  • Monday 7/29 
  • Friday 8/2
  • Monday 8/5 

How will I know where I am serving? Do I pick my school or team?

Each school-based team is supervised by a full-time Impact Manger and supported by a Team Leader, an AmeriCorps member serving a second year. Over the summer, they will be working with school leaders to prepare for your arrival, on-boarding, and partnership with students and teachers.

You will receive your placement survey shortly after you accept your offer to serve. You will receive an e-mail from Dominique Lewis, one of our Impact Directors with information regarding the communities we serve and a form for you to fill out your preference. Once completed you'll receive another e-mail in about two weeks confirming what zone (community/borough) you'll be serving in this year. You will find out your school placement during pre-service training (Basic Training Academy) in August..

City Year Uniform

Why do we wear the City Year uniform? What are the expectations?

The City Year uniform is a public symbol of a full-time commitment to service. Each time corps members put on the uniform they are representatives of City Year, citizen service, and AmeriCorps. Corps members become trustees of the relationship between these organizations and the communities in which we serve. Wearing the uniform carries the important responsibility of representing City Year and its mission with excellence and inspiring others. As community leaders and role models (whether in uniform or business attire) corps members are expected to maintain a positive public image.

The uniform represents your dedication to City Year and to the children and communities that we serve. It is a powerful and visible symbol that:

  • Promotes the idea of citizen service and the values of City Year to the public
  • Instills a sense of spirit, discipline, purpose, and pride in all City Year members
  • Establishes a spirit of unity and connection among all City Year corps, alumni and staff
  • Adds a sense of stewardship for the organization’s relationship with the community
  • Focuses on each person’s unique skills, contributions and personality rather than wardrobe
  • Provides youth and members of the community with a sense of the reliability and continuity of City Year, even though they work with different corps members each year
  • Identifies each corps and staff member as part of City Year, a recognizable symbol of hope, idealism and inspiration
  • Expresses our full-time commitment to solving social problems, training outstanding new leaders and building a more beloved and just community, democracy, nation and world.

Once you receive your uniform, you will wear it every day in service. Your shirts will always need to be tucked in and ironed, your pants hemmed and ironed, and you should always wear your nametag.

Expectations for in-person registration and basic training academy will be shared in the spring and updated here.

Which uniform pieces are provided? What do I need to purchase?

Most of your uniform will provided for free, by City Year and our national sponsor ARAMARK. You must provide a few components that many corps members often already own and can easily be used after your year of service.

City Year will provide with most of your uniform pieces- you will receive instructions, via email.

You will need to provide the following items:

  • Black pants
  • Black shoes w/ neutral markings (black, white, beige, gray)

Prior to receiving uniform pieces from City Year, AmeriCorps members are required to wear business casual. This includes BTA leading up to uniform distribution days which take place in early September.


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