City Year Orlando is committed to service to a cause greater than self, and our talented City Year Orlando AmeriCorps members embody that value through their daily service with students. As these AmeriCorps members leverage teamwork and demonstrate dedication to developing the skills and mindset within their students for future success, they are simultaneously sharpening their own workforce-ready skills. Along those lines, City Year Orlando holds an event each year, hosted by Orlando Health, called 18 Minute Networking. Creating an intentional space for City Year Orlando AmeriCorps members to develop relationships and a network of professional contacts, this event further prepares and positions AmeriCorps members as valuable employees with professional contacts within the Orlando community. On February 22, 2017, 68 City Year Orlando AmeriCorps members connected with more than 50 business leaders at this year’s 18 Minute Networking event.

Reggie Riley, the community relations manager for Dr. P. Phillips Hospital, a part of Orlando Health, serves as a City Year Orlando board member and host for the event. “It is amazing what these young people are doing in our community. Orlando Health and I are happy to help them get a head start in their professional careers through networking at 18 Minute Networking,” he enthused.

Curtesa Vanderpool with Maynard Evans High School, who attended the event as a Discussion Leader, said that “the professionalism of the AmeriCorps members is amazing. My expectations have been beyond met.”

Matt Devine, a Discussion Leader with Xenia Hotels & Resorts, divulged how he felt about the event. “It’s inspiring to talk to young people who want to change the world,” he explained.

City Year Orlando challenged the Discussion Leaders to connect with AmeriCorps members following the event to deepen the newly forged relationships and take networking one step further – also known as their “homework” assignment! 

Click here to view more photos from the event.

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