Name: Larry Sedgwick, Hometown: Baltimore, MD/ York, PA,  Education: Drexel University  Serving at: James G. Blaine Academics Plus  (Pre-K to 8th)

How did you connect with your students?
I find that taking interest in students beyond the classroom will allow you to make a lasting impression that will establish strong foundation for impactful year.

What has been a highlight from your service experience?
Hosting Martin Luther King Day of Service at my partner school was by far the biggest highlight of my year last year. With the help of over 400 volunteers, my team and I were able to transform our school hallways with over 100 murals that were intentionally selected to highlight the culture and diversity of our community. The most rewarding part of this was seeing the faces of my students after the makeover was complete.

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How is City Year helping you prepare for your future?
City Year has served as a gap year opportunity that has simultaneously given me the opportunity to craft a professional portfolio. As I determine my future career goals, I am able to provide high-need services to communities much like the ones that I grew up in. Post City Year, I plan to pursue a career in the field of medicine in an urban setting. Even though my work at City Year is highly focused on education, through my service I have really seen the significant need for ease of access to medical treatment. 
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What is a unique hobby or pastime that you have?
One unique pastime of mine is music conducting. I think my interest began after watching the movie Drum Line with Nick Cannon in elementary school. Ever since then I have been obsessed with the marching arts. In high school, I joined my school's marching band where I marched baritone for two years and led the band as senior drum major for two years. In retrospect, I feel that marching band and conducting was a way to express myself and to train my mind and body to go beyond what I could believe was possible.

The work of Larry and his team at James G. Blaine Academics Plus is made possible by Program Sponsors, SAP and New York Life.

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Interview by City Year Philadelphia AmeriCorps member, Dennis Elwell

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