7:30 am - Corps Members arrive to school.

Corps members report to their schools eager and excited to begin another day serving as tutors, mentors, and role models to students. They meet and circle with their fellow Corps Members to get excited and motivated for the day ahead. Morning Circles allow for positive sharing, planning, and reinforcement. Corps Members feel and experience positive, ongoing support from their peers and leaders.

7:45 am - Energetically greet students as they arrive to school.

Morning Greetings are an important part of the service day. When City Year Greater Philadelphia Corps Members warmly greet students as they arrive to school, they encourage them to have a great, productive day full of learning and exploring. Morning Greetings get students "pumped up" -- energized and excited -- about the day ahead. 

8:30 am - One-on-one tutoring sessions take place. 

Every day, corps members are working in classrooms to help students with that day's lessons. One-on-one tutoring support offers students individualized help and guidance with their school subjects.

9 am - Parent or guardian check-ins take place. 

Corps members call students who did not come to school and encourage them to come to class so they do not miss out on the day ahead.

10 am - Small group literacy tutoring takes place.

Students and corps members collaborate in small group literacy sessions to focus on reading, comprehension, and writing. 

Noon - Lunch With Mentor Groups

Teams serve as extra "eyes and ears" in school cafeterias. Also, corps members will often use lunchtime to research new ideas and build a network for supporting service within the school. Lunchtime is also an ideal time for Corps Members to coach students one-on-one or in small groups about choices they make to improve their behavior and attendance.  

1 pm - Support Classroom Activities and Learning

Corps members work with teachers and students in the classroom, helping students develop productive ways for staying focused and motivated to learn while in class during actual class time.

2 pm - Team Prep Time

Corps members work together within their teams to not only build stronger community, but also to develop ways to improve school climate and create an environment conducive to learning and achieving.

3 pm - After-school Homework Help

Corps members helps students with their homework, motivating them to do their best work and achieve all they can. Homework helps to reinforce material learned during the class day, and City Year Corps Members help students see those connections and understand their importance. 

4 pm - After-school Programs and Groups

Corps members plan a variety of activities to keep students engaged in positive and constructive interactions on school grounds. Corps Members work one-on-one or in small groups with students during after-school programs to provide fun learning projects and a safe place during the hours when students are at greatest risk of becoming victims of violence. Teams also host large-scale school-wide events, such as report card conferences, recognition ceremonies, and school spirit activities to build positive climate and reinforce the ABCs of attendance, behavior, and course performance.  

6 pm - Debrief and Break for the Day

Circle with team to debrief the day, share joys, and discuss tomorrow before departing for home.

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