During after school program I asked the students to draw what they were thankful for and share with the class their answers. The first thing my student asked me was if he could hold my nametag. My student then draws two stick figures smiling and hugging each other.

One figure is wearing a yellow jacket with a City Year logo. The student says he is thankful to have me in his life because I have taught him to apologize to others. This student not only surprised me with his answer but he made me realize the little things we believe we are doing for our students has a greater impact to our students and means so much more to our students.

We inspire them to make a difference and help them understand that nothing is impossible if they set their minds to it. We lay out tools for our students so they can become successful. To hear the gratitude from my students helps me continue to be inspired to continue the work that I do. To witness the smiles and happiness in my students eyes because I have helped support them with their work either in class or after-school fills my heart with joy!

To see the growth of my students learning in such a small amount of time and to see my students use the techniques that I have laid out for them to become successful is very rewarding. I see my students feeling more confident in their academic work and that is truly amazing!

I have learned many skills while working with my students especially to have patience. I am very grateful for our work. I would not change my time spent any other way, I love working with the students at Leataata Floyd Elementary School. I aspire to continue growing and learning from my experiences this year. By being placed in this work environment, I am that much closer to my career goal, which is to become a school social worker. I believe I was placed in City Year at the right place and the right time and I cannot wait to see what my future holds for me.

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