Dear PROUD AmeriCorps Members,

Welcome to City Year Sacramento! As I am writing this letter, you have just completed BTA and I hope you truly enjoyed, actively learned, and are fully committed to our mission!

We are about to begin an extremely challenging year living and working in the city of Sacramento, and I absolutely cannot wait to share this incredible journey with all of you! This year will be filled with joy, tears, frustration and accomplishments, but as long as we keep an open heart and open mind, we will grow personally and professionally.

The first couple of weeks are going to be difficult and we need to prepare ourselves physically and mentally. Do you remember how early you had to get up in the morning during grade school years? Now you have to get up earlier. With 10-12 hour working days, we need to adapt a new schedule that allows us to be well-rested and have time for self-care. This means we may have to sleep earlier, workout during a different time frame, cook for the entire week on weekend, or whatever it takes so we can be prepared to give our all on every workday and to be happy to be there.

DO NOT be afraid of the unknowns and making mistakes. We should embrace these hardships and see them as opportunities for us to further grow. It will be the first time for some of us to live away from home, to work a full-time job, to build relationships with students as well as teachers, and to be a part of this amazing social and educational movement. It is okay to freak out from time to time, you should also know that we have each other to lean on and talk to. The Team Leaders, Impact Managers and staff are all here to support each one of us. Go ahead to try all the new things, make mistakes, learn from them so we can become better versions of ourselves and to better provide for our students.

In this ever increasingly diverse society, it is crucial for us and our students to be culturally competent and socially conscious. We will do our best to ensure a positive and life changing experience for you throughout this year, and we want you to facilitate growth in our students. Finally, I want to congratulate all of us on becoming an integral part of City Year Sacramento, and we will Make Better Happen!


Derek Song

AmeriCorps Team Leader

Fern Bacon Middle School

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