Why did you decide to join City Year Sacramento?

I joined City Sacramento as a corps member in August 2012. I knew I wanted to work with youth, but wasn't exactly sure what that career path could look like other than teaching. City Year seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore other careers that worked with kids in both the academic and enrichment setting. Since my first year as a corps member, I have continued to serve with City Year Sacramento in various roles including, a Team Leader, Impact Manager, AmeriCorps Compliance Manager, and Learning and Development Manager.

When you were a student, what was your favorite subject?

My favorite subject in school was math. Pre-calculus and trigonometry specifically. I had some really great teachers that pushed to me to learn all that I could and helped challenge me in a subject that came pretty easily for me.

What’s your favorite PITW?

PITW #160: Seek to Have a Hard Head and a Soft Heart. This PITW really resonates with me because it reminds me to be mentally tough and disciplined. Things won't always be easy and some times there will be obstacles that I have to face, being able to persevere is what will get me through in those moments. At the same time, it's important to have a soft heart and remember the human aspect of what we do. It's important to approach situations with grace and compassion. I need to also be emotionally available and supportive to those around me.

What City Year value resonates with you?

Level Five Leadership – Level Five Leadership describes a style of leadership that blends five qualities: humility, will, boldness, courage, and perseverance. It gives me something tangible to work towards when I think about how I can better myself as a leader and teammate.

Did you have a favorite teacher or mentor growing up? How did he/she make a difference in your life?

There are two teachers that come to mind. The first, Ms. Rivera, was my 7th grade language arts, science, and social studies teacher. I had a small of class of 14 students and she showed up each and every day with a smile on her face and positive face. She had this rare ability to make every student in our class feel like they were her favorite student. She really cared about each and every one of us. Not just as students, but as people. She lived across the street from school and would host movie and pizza nights. She came to our sports games on the weekends and would show up to personal events that we invited her to.

Another one of my favorite teachers was Ms. Pendley, my high school French teacher. I met her at a difficult time in my high school career. She really pushed me to do my best and to give my all. She refused to accept anything less than my best effort and held me accountable when I didn't. It may have bugged me at first, but I appreciate her for teaching me that I couldn’t be passive when it came to my education. Anything worth having was worth working for.

Favorite food?


Favorite movie?

Love & Basketball

Favorite music?

Country and rap


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