Mr. Hernandez: Yo yo yo! San Antonio where you at? Give me a woop woop

(all) Woop woop!

Ms. Jackson: All my peeps from CYTEXAS let me hear you holla!

(all)  Holla!

Mr. Hernandez: On today’s show of #idealism we're going to talk about keeping students in school, and on track to the caps and gowns. Tell me, Ms. Jackson, what's happening at City Year San Antonio that keeps the students coming back for more?

Ms. Jackson: At Rhodes Middle School, you wouldn't believe how much fun the kids are having! It's like a disco up in here. Sorry, as the kids would say, "Club going up...on a Tuesday." I bet you didn't know that song was actually about school. On the real, though, we have initiatives like Coffee on the Curb, AttenDances, and Music Mondays.

(all) *silent applause*

Mr. Hernandez: Coffee on the Curb? What is that? Kids are already hyper enough. They probably don't need coffee to bounce around. And if you're just throwing coffee onto the curb you're probably just making a big mess.

Ms. Jackson: No silly, Coffee on the Curb is an attendance initiative we do for the parents. Once a month, we give parents a free cup of coffee for bringing their students to school on time continuously. Shout out to Starbucks, our frequent partner, for making attendance happen. One person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time. #makebetterhappen.

(audience) *silent applause*

Mr. Hernandez: Oh well what about AttenDances? Don’t you just have to attend to dance?

Ms. Jackson: Exactly, Mr. Hernandez! In order for our students to come to the **completely free** dance, they had to have perfect attendance for the entire month. No absences, no skipping, no tardies to any class. The best part? The students couldn’t buy their way in. We reached 135 students who were able to enjoy some games/activities, food, and a photo booth! Why don’t you tell us about Music Mondays?

Mr. Hernandez: It’s always a party every Monday! When our students come to school on Mondays, they are not always awake for the week. Music Mondays get them crunk for the day. We start off with a little One Direction, followed closely by some Frozen. We keep it hip too, ‘cause we know all the club bangers. So we throw in some techno, dubstep, and EDM. The kids join us by dancing and singing along.

Ms. Jackson: The initiatives are helping the school reach the district’s attendance goal of 95%. Rhodes has been at or above 95% since the beginning of the school year.

(all) *silent applause*

Mr. Hernandez: Every day we have students absent for many different reasons. Some of those include transportation issues, sickness, doctors appointments, and vampire hunting. Our goal is to mitigate the number of excuses a student can have. Whether that is a better transportation option, hygiene, weekend/after school appointments, or garlic for lunch, we are dedicated to making school fun and enjoyable. Where all kids can be safe.

(all) *silent applause*

Ms. Jackson: City Year is a huge resource schools tap into for support. The initiatives we host are to foster better attendance practices through fun interactive events.

Mr. Hernandez: Thats right! We are constantly trying to #makebetterhappen everywhere red jackets are present.

Mr. Hernandez & Ms. Jackson: Thank you for tuning in! Until next time, keep those idealistic flames burning!

(audience) *silent applause*

Robby Hernandez and Jessica Jackson are Diplomas Now City Year AmeriCorps Members at Rhodes Middle School.


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