Hello, my name is Sarah Lee and I proudly serve as an AmeriCorps member at Sanislo Elementary School with City Year Seattle/King County.

(I’m hard at work checking in students to our before-school program, Morning Ripples!)







(I’m hard at work checking in students to our before-school program, Morning Ripples!)

This year marks the beginning of an exciting new partnership between City Year and Sanislo Elementary School!

Sanislo Elementary School, located in West Seattle, opened in 1969 as an open-concept school and is now home to 278 students. We at City Year have the privilege of working with 3rd to 5th graders and are thrilled to be a part of this trailblazing experience.

(A 5th grade classroom. Sanislo is an open concept school, meaning multiple classrooms share a large open space.)

Admittedly, the process of forging a new partnership can seem daunting, however the school has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcomed into their community. From the very first day of school, the students and staff have embraced us with open arms and made us feel right at home.

(Team Leader Donna Pham and Corps Member Tali Shalaby greet a student.)

Although it’s still very early in the year, students and staff have commented on the positive changes the City Year Corps members have brought to this community.

(AmeriCorps member Lainie Keper assisting a student with their math homework.)

“I love the relationships that I see the Corps members building with the students,” one 4th grade teacher said. “They see you as an older sibling and that’s great.”

(Children playing a game with AmeriCorps member Jerry Anaya.)

Bruce Rhodes, Sanislo Elementary School’s Principal, agrees. He strongly believes in the collaboration happening at the school and expressed his gratitude towards City Year. “City Year is impacting the lives of students in all ways. Students are so excited that Corps Members are here”, he shared. “We couldn’t do our work without you guys. You bring the energy!”

Students expressed similar sentiments.

“City Year is the best because it helps us a lot and has fun activities,” one student giggled.  “Everyone is kind and funny. I hope we have City Year here forever!”

“City Year helps me with my homework,” another student said. “Now I come to class with all my homework done because they help me.”


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