From Carmen Oros

Miss Carmen this...Miss Carmen that
I have no greater joy than feeling like a super star walking down the halls
Everyone is watching and I have to watch out
Because every move I make they will find out
Setting the example is my priority
Because I am the minority
Even though here we are the big bunch
They say I remind them of their mother
It’s a compliment in my eyes
Maybe they listen to me like they do their mother?
You thought!
Representation is what counts!
Every day is a new day
I can’t wait to see a smile on their faces
Or turn a frown upside down
It’s a never ending rollarcoaster full of surprises
To which I open my heart.
I Wear the Red Jacket
Jenee LeAnne
It is in the eyes
Of a kid who doesn’t sleep
Because she always grinds
So her family can eat
It is in the sigh
Of struggling to read
That he wonders, “Why
Did she call on me?”
It is in the tarry
Of a kid, grades behind,
Who lacks vocabulary
And finds reading unkind
It is in the face
Of a child who doesn’t eat
Drifting off into space
Having accepted defeat
It is in their faces
Struggles and strife
That I take their places
That I stand up and fight
It is in these moments
Spaces and times
That I feel specially sent
That I remember my pride
It is in those hours
Minutes and days
That I give them power
That I share my everything
It is in these students
That my purpose is found
Never minding time spent
To make them feel proud
It is in this work
That I watch youth grow
With the greatest perk
Being that they know
That yes they can
No matter the odds
It is my demand
That they try hard
So I take the charge
To #makebetterhappen
Though the task is large
I proudly wear the red jacket

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