By Anna Sirugo, corps member serving on the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Team at Kendall Whittier Elementary

As I neared the end of my college career, I was excited, nervous, and sad. I had loved my four years at Butler University and was finding it hard to say goodbye to the people, campus, and adorable bulldog mascots. However, I was also excited and a little nervous to begin life outside of college. I was moving halfway across the country to a place I had never been before to work for an organization that was new to me. 

As I began working in the schools as a City Year Corps Member, I knew that I was helping students grow, learn, and develop. However, I did not realize how greatly City Year had been impacting and helping me as I developed my future plans. As the year has begun to draw to a close, I have fully realized that City Year was a great choice for me and many other young people after college.

City Year is a great option for after college because it offers you a chance to grow as a leader. Between tutoring a group of students and being in charge of a coordinator role, City Year offers you the chance to develop a myriad of leadership skills. These leadership opportunities build confidence and public speaking skills that will be beneficial in future endeavors. Personally, my role as an ELA coordinator has helped me become more comfortable when speaking in front of a team and collaborating with administrators and teammates. Because I have grown in these areas, I know I will be more comfortable in future professional settings where I need to lead.

City Year also gives you the opportunity to develop good teamwork skills by working on a diverse team of intelligent young adults who passionately care about the betterment of the world. This passion and dedication has inspired me to continue to pursue future jobs and volunteer positions with a strong sense of purpose.

Becoming a City Year corps member is such a great opportunity to inspire young children to also attend college. By being a corps member, you have the opportunity to show students that they too can persevere, obtain a college degree, and even change the world. I would recommend City Year as a great option after college to other young people who are passionate, dedicated, and willing to learn and grow.

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