On March 14, 2014, many City Year schools celebrated “Pi Day” with a math event. Ten City Year Washington, DC teams had events in honor of 3.14. At Kimball, we held a celebration after school for all students.

Throughout the week, students were able to submit entries for a JiJi penguin ST math drawing contest. The students use this online program to practice essential math skills and were able to represent the mascot of the program in a creative way. The winner of the contest in each grade’s prize would be (drumroll, please…) the chance to pie a City Year corps member in the face during the Pi Day celebration!

On Friday afternoon, students met in the auditorium to divide into 4 teams, with all grade levels represented in each. The teams then traveled throughout the building on a treasure hunt, making stops at various stations and performing math problems led by corps members along the way. Each station had one problem for each grade level, focusing on specific principles, such as numerical operations, time and measurement. The “treasure” at the end was waiting for students in the auditorium.

As they reassembled, the prize for completion was to watch the drawing contest winners pie a City Year! The winners of the JiJi penguin drawing contest were announced and each grade level winner was allowed to choose the City Year member they wanted to pie in the face! This portion of the event was fun, silly and very messy!

Math coordinator and corps member Jason Tenuta planned and led this event. “It was great to provide a space that allowed students to see math as a fun and exciting subject. Seeing the kids smile and laugh, while helping each other solve math problems, was inspiring.”

At Kimball, we had an amazing time doing math, pie-ing corps members and celebrating Pi Day! But we were just one of many schools to celebrate with a math event. Ten City Year Washington, DC schools had events, as well as City Year sites nationwide. Check out what other City Year sites did to celebrate Pi Day by looking at the hashtag #CYPiDay on Twitter. It’s as easy as pi!

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