Bert Rivera
  • Regional Recruitment Director


CYLA Team Leader 09' - 10'

Why I Serve: There are thousands of children who need role models and there are thousands of young adults looking to make a difference. My work is to connect the two.

Fun Fact: I'm learning to play the didgeridoo.

Advice: Do your research and have a passion for this work.

Adrienne Antonio
  • Recruitment Manager


City Year New York ’10-’11 City Year Sacramento Start Up Team ’11-‘12 City Year Jacksonville Start Up Team ’12-‘13

Why I Serve:  I love sharing my City Year memories with others in hopes of inspiring them to make an impact on children and youth. And so they can have the opportunity to gain their own memories to share.

Fun Fact: I’ve been dancing since the age of 5

Advice: Be enthusiastic, genuine and don’t forget to smile!

Bryan Van Ravenhorst
  • Regional Recruitment Manager 

City Year Sacramento 12' - 13', 13' - 14' 

Why I Serve: I serve because I believe that education is one of our most pressing issues and one of our most promising solutions. 

Fun Fact: I once listened to a song over 300 times in a row without stopping. 

Advice: Be authentic and be vulnerable, because that's how you will build relationships, and relationships are how you will change lives. 

Natasha Strauss
  • Recruitment Manager 

City Year Seattle 12' - 13', City Year Los Angeles 13' - 14' 

Why I serve: I serve because I know that during my time with City Year I have made an impact in both my students' lives and my own. I love that I now, as a recruiter, I have the opportunity to inspire others to make a difference! 

Fun Fact: I am a HUGE Disney fan - one of my favorite movies is "Princess and the Frog" 

Advice: Own your story and experiences; its what makes you unique! 

Donna Pham
  • Regional Recruitment Coordinator 

City Year Seattle 13' - 14', 14' - 15' 

Why I serve: I recruit because every child deserves the best possible academic experience. With each adult who is invested in making a difference, we can grow the positive impact we have in the lives of students. 

Fun Fact: I have swam in 3 out of the 4 oceans. 

Advice: Allow yourself to be uncomfortable, because only when you're curious and challenged will you grow.