What The Future Holds

The dropout crisis is not a short-term problem affecting only a handful of communities across the country. It’s something that could drastically impact our nation’s future and our livelihood as a whole. Because the more students that drop out today, the fewer qualified workers we’ll have in the future. In fact, if things continue to go the way they are now, by 2020 it’s predicted that there’ll be 123 million skilled, high-wage jobs available, but only 50 million individuals qualified to fill them. This gaping shortage is a problem that will affect everyone in America, and it’ll hurt our nation’s ability to compete on a global economic scale.

At City Year, we know that if we can get more students to graduate on track and on time, we’ll not only help more kids reach their full potential, but we’ll also be helping to better our nation’s future. That’s why we developed a full-scale Long-Term Impact Strategy to help us achieve some of our larger goals. Here are just a few things we’re looking to accomplish by 2023:

  • Reaching a majority of off-track students in each of the markets we serve
  • In our schools, doubling the number of students who reach the 10th grade on track and on time
  • Ensuring that we are in the cities that account for two-thirds of the nation’s urban dropouts
  • Partnering with schools, districts, and community-based organizations to build strong and meaningful partnerships
  • Ultimately, serving 1 million students per day, in over 1,200 schools nationwide
But we can’t do it alone.

We need the support of everyone who believes in the power of education to meet our goals, and to help change our nation’s future. From individual donors to corporate partners, every bit of support given will help us increase graduation rates across America, while also ensuring that all of our students have the opportunity to reach their full potential inside and outside of the classroom.

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